Central Park Ballroom Milwaukee Concert Setlists

City Milwaukee, WI, United States

2401 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Open 1989 - 1991

Known as the Million Dollar Ballroom from it's opening until c. 1977 when Eagles Ballroom became its accepted name. It was called Omnibus in early 1989 and then Central Park Ballroom until 1992. It then returned to the Eagles Ballroom name.

Also known as Central Park Athletic Club, Central Park Athletic Club and Entertainment Center
Nov 30 1991

Death at Day of Death 1991

  1. Suicide Machine
  2. Left to Die
  3. Flattening of Emotions
  4. Zombie Ritual
  5. Together as One
  6. Within the Mind
  7. Lack of Comprehension
  8. Living Monstrosity
  9. Denial of Life
  10. Vacant Planets
  11. Pull the Plug

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