CFB Kingston Kingston Concert Setlists

City Kingston, ON, Canada

1 Givenchy Street
Kingston, ON K7K 5H9

Opened 1966
Also known as Canadian Forces Base Kingston
Sep 13 2014

Cannons at CFB Kingston, Kingston, ON, Canada

  1. What's Said and Done
  2. Open Letter (Consider This)
  3. Keep the Light On
  4. Faded Lights
  5. The Pressure
  6. Nothing More to Give
  7. Heart and Soul
  8. Show Me the Way Home
  9. Shake It Off
Sep 13 2014

Kim Mitchell at CFB Kingston, Kingston, ON, Canada

  1. Rock & Roll Duty
  2. In My Shoes
  3. That's a Man
  4. Alana Loves Me
  5. Paradise Skies
  6. Blue River Liquor Shine
  7. I Am a Wild Party
  8. Easy to Tame
  9. In the Stars Tonight
  10. Lemon Wedge
  11. Rocklandwonderland
  12. Lager and Ale
  13. ...

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