da wirtshauser Munich Concert Setlists

City Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Apr 9 2016

Tormentor (Guben) at da wirtshauser, Munich, Germany

  1. Call for Sanity
  2. Annihilation of Life
  3. Comprehension Failed
  4. Endless Emptiness
  5. Black Area
  6. Violent World
  7. Orion
  8. Path to the Dark Side
  9. Feed with Aggression
  10. Over the Top
  11. Agent Orange
Oct 23 2010

Endovein at da wirtshauser, Munich, Germany

  1. Forrest Gunner
  2. Lynched by Fate
  3. Endless Prophecy
  4. Fallout Terror
  5. Problem of Humanity
  6. Kick in Your Ass
  7. Sono Stufo!
  8. Serial Killer
  9. Endovein Are Adrenaline ... for Your Fuckin' Summer!!!

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