Daresbury Estate Halton Concert Setlists

City Halton, England
Aug 25 2019

Swedish House Mafia at Creamfields 2019

  1. It Gets Better
  2. We Come We Rave We Love vs Out Of My Mind (Swedish House Mafia Mashup)
  3. Jack U vs. 555 vs. Greyhound (Swedish House Mafia Mashup)
  4. Dream Bigger
  5. Laktos Is Calling (Swedish House Mafia Mashup)
  6. For Sale vs On My Way (Swedish House Mafia Mashup)
  7. Rushin vs Raise Your Hands vs Flash vs In the Air (Swedish House Mafia mashup)
  8. Together
  9. Be vs Show Me Love vs Knas (Swedish House Mafia mashup)
  10. Miami 2 Ibiza
  11. How Do You Feel Right Now
  12. Resurrection / Something New (Swedish House Mafia mashup)
  13. ...
Aug 23 2019

deadmau5 at Creamfields 2019

  1. Nosedive
  2. FML
  3. Cthulhu Sleeps
  4. Avaritia
  5. Imaginary Friends
  6. Three Pound Chicken Wing
  7. My Pet Coelacanth
  8. Maths
  9. Moar Ghosts n' Stuff
  10. Ghosts 'n' Stuff
  11. Monophobia
  12. Raise Your Weapon
  13. ...

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