De Oosterpoort Groningen Concert Setlists

City Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

De Oosterpoort:
Trompsingel 27
9724 DA Groningen

Turfsingel 86
9711 VX Groningen


If possible use De Oosterpoort, De Oosterpoort Grote Zaal or Het Café van De Oosterpoort.
De Oosterpoort and De Stadsschouwburg are under single management and have a joint website, but are treated as separate venues. Organisation of both venues changed its name to Spot Groningen in March 2019, but venues still operate under the name Oosterpoort and De Stadsschouwburg.

Also known as Cultureel Centrum Oosterpoort, Oosterpoort, Spot Groningen

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