Deluxe at Old National Centre Indianapolis Concert Setlists

City Indianapolis, IN, United States

502 North New Jersey Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Also known as Deluxe Room
Oct 30 2021

Sloppy Seconds at Deluxe at Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN, USA

  1. Black Roses
  2. You Got a Great Body, but Your Record Collection Sucks
  3. Why Don't Lesbians Love Me?
  4. I Don't Wanna Be a Homosexual
  5. Mighty Heroes
  6. Come Back, Traci
  7. You Can't Kill Joey Ramone
  8. Fifteen Minutes... or It's Free
  9. Runnin' From the C.I.A.
  10. I Can't Slow Down
  11. Blackmail
  12. Shut Up and Pour Me a Drink
  13. ...

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