E.A. Cummings Center Mount Morris Concert Setlists

City Mount Morris, MI, United States

6130 East Mt. Morris Road
Mt. Morris, MI 48458

Also known as Everett A. Cummings Event Center
Jun 13 2015

Rob Zombie at Loudwire Live 2015

  1. Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
  2. Super-Charger Heaven
  3. Superbeast
  4. Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine
  5. Living Dead Girl
  6. Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown
  7. Drum Solo
  8. More Human Than Human
  9. Sick Bubble-Gum
  10. Pussy Liquor
  11. Meet the Creeper
  12. Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
  13. ...

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