Electrowerkz London Concert Setlists

City London, England
Also known as Electrowertz
May 9 2017

William McCarthy at Electrowerkz, London, England

  1. Are We Alive?
  2. Kid You're On Your Own
  3. Ballad of a Patient Man
  4. Landmine
  5. Juarez
  6. Book of James
  7. Tougher Than the Rest
  8. By Your Side
  9. New Drink for the Old Drunk
  10. Chapel Song
  11. Time Ain't Always By My Side
  12. Weary Eyes
  13. ...
May 6 2017
May 6 2017
May 6 2017

Vile Electrodes at Electrowerkz, London, England

  1. Like Satellites
  2. In The Shadows Of Monuments
  3. The Red Bead
  4. Empire of Wolves
  5. Stranger To Myself
  6. As We Turn To Rust
  7. Last Of The Lovers
  8. Proximity
  9. Incision

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