Galveston Island Convention Center Galveston Concert Setlists

City Galveston, TX, United States

5600 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX 77551

Also known as Galveston Island Convention Center at The San Luis Resort
Jun 1 1984

“Weird Al” Yankovic at Galveston Island Convention Center, Galveston, TX, USA

  1. The Brady Bunch
  2. Buckingham Blues
  3. Polkas on 45
  4. I Lost on Jeopardy
  5. Buy Me a Condo
  6. Yoda
  7. Stop Draggin' My Car Around
  8. Midnight Star
  9. Mr. Popeil
  10. King of Suede
  11. Nature Trail to Hell
  12. It's Still Billy Joel to Me
  13. ...

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