House of Blues Cambridge Room Dallas Concert Setlists

City Dallas, TX, United States

2200 North Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75202

Opened 2007

Used the name Pontiac Garage from 2008 but later reverted to using Cambridge Room at an unknown date.

Also known as Pontiac Garage
Jan 29 2020

The Almost at House of Blues Cambridge Room, Dallas, TX, USA

  1. Southern Weather
  2. I Want It Real
  3. Drive There Now
  4. I'm Down
  5. I Mostly Copy Other People
  6. Tame a Lion
  7. Everyone Here Smells Like a Rat
  8. Fire
  9. I Won't Miss
  10. Say This Sooner
  11. Dirty and Left Out
  12. Amazing Because It Is

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