House of Vans London Concert Setlists

City London, England
Dec 16 2017

Royal Blood at House of Vans, London, England

  1. Where Are You Now?
  2. Lights Out
  3. Come on Over
  4. You Can Be So Cruel
  5. I Only Lie When I Love You
  6. Look Like You Know
  7. Little Monster
  8. Hook, Line & Sinker
  9. Sleep
  10. Hole in Your Heart
  11. How Did We Get So Dark?
  12. Figure It Out
  13. ...
Nov 11 2017

Spring King at House of Vans, London, England

  1. Better Man
  2. Detroit
  3. It's So Dark
  4. Demons
  5. City
  6. They're Coming After You
  7. Mumma
  8. Take Me Away
  9. Tell Me If You Like To
  10. Who Are You?
  11. Let's Ride
  12. Rectifier

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