I Love You Riga Concert Setlists

City Riga, Latvia
May 17 2017

The Mondanes at I Love You, Riga, Latvia

  1. Something I've Never Seen Before
  2. Boys In The Street
  3. Out Of Sight
  4. Who Do You Love?
  5. Garden Of Meadows
  6. Silver Spoon
  7. (I Never Went To Your) Wedding
  8. Atlantic Sea
  9. Violet Gun
  10. You Don't Care
May 23 2015

The Boondocks at I Love You, Riga, Latvia

  1. Tragedy
  2. Retroactive
  3. Get Your Knickers Off
  4. Everybody Shake
  5. Mama Told Me
  6. In the Darkness of the Night
  7. Cigarettes R My Only Friend
  8. Incognito
  9. For the Old Glow
  10. You're Out of Your Mind

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