I-Rock Nightclub Detroit Concert Setlists

City Detroit, MI, United States

16350 Harper,
Detroit, MI

Oct 11 2013

Ill Niño at I-Rock Nightclub, Detroit, MI, USA

  1. If You Still Hate Me
  2. God Save Us
  3. Te Amo...I Hate You
  4. This Is War
  5. I Am Loco
  6. La Epidemia
  7. Corazón of Mine
  8. When It Cuts
  9. Cleansing
  10. What Comes Around
  11. The Alibi of Tyrants
  12. How Can I Live
  13. ...
May 18 2013

Chimaira at I-Rock Nightclub, Detroit, MI, USA

  1. The Flame
  2. Year of the Snake
  3. I Despise
  4. Severed
  5. All That's Left is Blood
  6. Pure Hatred
  7. The Venom Inside
  8. Coming Alive
  9. Power Trip
  10. The Dehumanizing Process
  11. Resurrection

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