J.J. Kelley's Lansing Concert Setlists

City Lansing, IL, United States (near Chicago)

2455 Bernice Road
Lansing, IL 60438

Also known as JJ Kelley's
Jan 25 2020

White Pony at J.J. Kelley's, Lansing, IL, USA

  1. Still of the Night
  2. Here I Go Again
  3. I Stand Alone
  4. I Remember You
  5. Doctor Doctor
  6. Caught Somewhere in Time
  7. Wasted Years
  8. Revelations
  9. Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter
  10. The Evil That Men Do
  11. Stranger in a Strange Land
  12. The Trooper
  13. ...
Aug 11 2007
Aug 19 2006

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