Kent State University Kent Concert Setlists

City Kent, OH, United States

800 E Summit Street
Kent, OH 44240

Opened 17 May 1935

Kent State Normal School (1912-1915)
Kent State Normal College (1915-1929)
Kent State College (1929-1935)
Kent State University (1935-)

Also known as Kent State, KSU
Sep 19 2013

Dawes at Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA

  1. Most People
  2. The Way You Laugh
  3. Someone Will
  4. Fire Away
  5. Bear Witness
  6. My Girl to Me
  7. So Well
  8. From a Window Seat
  9. When My Time Comes
  10. Just Beneath the Surface
  11. Peace in the Valley
  12. Coming Back to a Man
  13. ...

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