Keswick Theatre Glenside Concert Setlists

City Glenside, PA, United States (near Philadelphia)

291 North Keswick Avenue
Glenside, PA 19038

Also known as Keswick Theater
Jul 19 2018

Blackmore's Night at Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA, USA

  1. Dancer and the Moon
  2. Darkness
  3. Dance of Darkness
  4. Under a Violet Moon
  5. Soldier of Fortune
  6. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
  7. World of Stone
  8. Allan Yn N Fan
  9. Renaissance Faire
  10. Keyboard & Drum Solo
  11. Toast to Tomorrow
  12. Peasant's Promise
  13. ...
Jun 20 2018

The Turtles at Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA, USA

  1. She'd Rather Be With Me
  2. You Baby
  3. It Ain't Me, Babe
  4. You Showed Me
  5. Sugar, Sugar
  6. Peaches en Regalia (excerpt)
  7. Elenore
  8. Happy Together
  9. Happy Together Tour Finale
Jun 20 2018

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