La Luna Portland Concert Setlists

City Portland, OR, United States
Open 1992 - 1999

Other names over the years have included:
Ninth Street Exit (1970s)
Pine Street Theater (1980–1991)
RKCNDY Portland (Rock Candy) (1992)
Pine Street Theater (2000–2002)
Solid State (2004–2005)

Also known as La Luna Club
Nov 14 1999

Stormtroopers of Death at La Luna, Portland, OR, USA

  1. We Are The World / What's That Noise
  2. March of the S.O.D.
  3. Sargent 'D' and the S.O.D.
  4. Kill Yourself
  5. Milano Mosh
  6. Speak English or Die
  7. Monkey's Rule
  8. Fuck the Middle East
  9. Douche Crew
  10. Celtic Frosted Flakes
  11. Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
  12. Ballad of Jim Morrison
  13. ...
Mar 31 1999

Jimmy Eat World at La Luna, Portland, OR, USA

  1. Blister
  2. Lucky Denver Mint
  3. Your New Aesthetic
  4. Softer
  5. Thinking, That's All
  6. Rockstar
  7. Claire
  8. Call It in the Air
  9. For Me This Is Heaven
  10. Just Watch the Fireworks
  11. What I Would Say to You Now
  12. Goodbye Sky Harbor

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