L'Abordage Évreux Concert Setlists

City Évreux, Haute-Normandie, France
Also known as Abordage
Apr 2 2016

A Place to Bury Strangers at L'Abordage, Évreux, France

  1. Fear
  2. Missing You
  3. I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart
  4. Dissolved
  5. So Far Away
  6. We've Come So Far
  7. Electro set
  8. Deeper
  9. Deadbeat
  10. You Are the One
  11. Worship
  12. Mind Control
Mar 31 2016

Psycroptic at L'Abordage, Évreux, France

  1. Cold
  2. Carriers of the Plague
  3. Forward to Submission
  4. The World Discarded
  5. Euphorinasia
  6. Ob(Servant)
  7. Echoes To Come
  8. The Sleepers Have Awoken
  9. Initiate

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