L'Altherax Nice Concert Setlists

City Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Also known as Altherax Music
Feb 7 2020

Gorgon at L'Altherax, Nice, France

  1. Son of Perdition
  2. Still Six Six Six
  3. The Lady Rides a Black Horse
  4. As a Stone
  5. Depraved Conception
  6. Border of the Forest
  7. In Another Sea
  8. Path of Doom
  9. The Jackal Pact
  10. Our Crusade
  11. The Roots of My Fantasies
  12. Time to Murder Your Family
Jan 24 2020

Asylum4 at L'Altherax, Nice, France

  1. The Game Is Over
  2. Feel Good
  3. Backdoor Woman
  4. Hell, I give you my Soul
  5. I Won't Let Go
  6. New Friend
  7. Better Off Without You
  8. Fighting
  9. Nobody Holds My Soul
  10. Make It Right
  11. Into The Sea

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