Limelight Belfast Concert Setlists

City Belfast, Northern Ireland

17 Ormeau Avenue
Belfast BT2 8HD, UK

Opened 1987

There are at least four separate performance spaces in this venue. Before 2012 "Limelight" was a specific space in the complex but since then this space has been called Limelight 2. Setlists after 2012 using this name could be at any of the four spaces in the complex.

Also known as The Limelight
Nov 22 2019

Electric Six at Limelight, Belfast, Northern Ireland

  1. Mr. Woman
  2. Bride of the Devil
  3. Rock and Roll Evacuation
  4. Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
  5. Down at McDonnelzzz
  6. The New Shampoo
  7. Gay Bar
  8. She's White
  9. Be My Dark Angel
  10. Rubber Rocket
  11. Slices of You
  12. Improper Dancing
  13. ...
Nov 22 2019

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