Myth Maplewood Concert Setlists

City Maplewood, MN, United States (near St. Paul)

3090 Southlawn Drive
Maplewood, MN 55109

Also known as Myth Live, Myth Live Entertainment Center St. Paul, Myth Nightclub Minneapolis
Jun 15 2019

Dio Disciples at Myth, Maplewood, MN, USA

  1. Intro: "Ace of Spades" & "Perfect Strangers"
  2. King of Rock and Roll
  3. The Mob Rules
  4. The Last in Line / Holy Diver
  5. Stand Up and Shout
  6. Drum Solo
  7. Don't Talk to Strangers
  8. Rainbow in the Dark
  9. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
  10. Gates of Babylon
  11. Keyboard Solo
  12. Invisible
  13. ...

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