N9 Villa Eeklo Concert Setlists

City Eeklo, East Flanders, Belgium

Molenstraat 165
Eeklo 990

Opened 2000

Formerly known as Lunatique and De Media

Also known as N9 Muziekclub
Oct 26 2019

Pere Ubu at N9 Villa, Eeklo, Belgium

  1. Heart of Darkness
  2. What I Heard on the Pop Radio
  3. Marlowe
  4. Flicking Cigarettes at the Sun
  5. Road Is a Preacher
  6. Who Stole the Signpost?
  7. The World (As We Can Know It)
  8. Fortunate Son
  9. The Road Ahead
  10. Skidrow‐On‐Sea
  11. Lovely Day
  12. Road to Utah
  13. ...

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