NextStage Performance Theater Grand Prairie Concert Setlists

City Grand Prairie, TX, United States (near Dallas)

1001 Performance Place
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Open February 2002 - 2004

NextStage Performance Theater (2002-04)
Nokia Live at Grand Prairie (2004-10)
Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie (2010-18)
The Theatre at Grand Prairie (2018-)

Also known as Nextstage
Feb 28 2004

Primus at NextStage Performance Theater, Grand Prairie, TX, USA

  1. Frizzle Fry
  2. Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats
  3. My Name Is Mud
  4. Mary the Ice Cube
  5. My Friend Fats
  6. Pudding Time
  7. Groundhog's Day
  8. Seas of Cheese
  9. Here Come the Bastards
  10. Sgt. Baker
  11. American Life
  12. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
  13. ...

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