O2 Apollo Manchester Manchester Concert Setlists

City Manchester, England

Stockport Road
Manchester M12 6AP UK

Opened 1 September 2010

Apollo Theatre (1938–62)
Manchester Apollo (1962–2002)
Carling Apollo Manchester (2002–10)
O2 Apollo Manchester (2010-)

Also known as O2 Apollo Theater, O2 Apollo Theatre
Mar 6 2020

Five at O2 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, England

  1. Let's Dance
  2. Got the Feelin'
  3. We Will Rock You
  4. It's the Things You Do
  5. Slam Dunk (Da Funk)
  6. Lay All Your Lovin’ on Me
  7. If Ya Gettin' Down
  8. When the Lights Go Out
  9. Rock the Party
  10. Everybody Get Up
  11. Keep on Movin'
Mar 6 2020

911 at O2 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, England

  1. A Night to Remember
  2. Party People...Friday Night
  3. Don't Make Me Wait
  4. The Day We Find Love
  5. All I Want Is You
  6. The Journey
  7. Rhythm of the Night
  8. More Than a Woman
  9. Love Sensation
  10. A Little Bit More
  11. Bodyshakin'

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