OK Hotel Seattle Concert Setlists

City Seattle, WA, United States

212 Alaskan Way S
Seattle, WA 98104

Open 1988 - 2001

The OK Hotel opened in 1917 and was closed in 1971 because of building code violations. When it reopened in 1988 it became a concert venue and continued to hold shows until it was forced to close in 2001 after damage caused by the Nisqually Earthquake.

Also known as The OK Hotel
Aug 21 1999

Jon Auer at OK Hotel, Seattle, WA, USA

  1. The Perfect Size
  2. Tuesday
  3. Pretty Picture
  4. You Used to Drive Me Around
  5. Nowhere By Myself
  6. 23 Below (Freezing)
  7. Ready to be Well
  8. Ballad Of A Tolerant Destination
  9. Love My Way
  10. All U People

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