Pauly's Hotel Albany Concert Setlists

City Albany, NY, United States

337 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12206

Jun 1 2019

The Academy Blues Project at Pauly's Hotel, Albany, NY, USA

  1. Thursdays This Fall
  2. Coventry Parade
  3. Witch Hat
  4. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
  5. Fork
  6. Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)
  7. She Belongs to Me
  8. Telltale Signs
  9. Neon Grotto
  10. The Wrong Thing
  11. To Cry You a Song
  12. A Long Walk (For a Short Drink)
  13. ...
May 20 2019

Cloven Hoof at Pauly's Hotel, Albany, NY, USA

  1. Inquisitor
  2. Song of Orpheus
  3. Cloven Hoof
  4. Highlander
  5. The Gates of Gehenna
  6. Crack the Whip
  7. Nova Battlestar
  8. Time to Burn
  9. Laying Down the Law
  10. Reach for the Sky

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