Pirates World Dania Beach Concert Setlists

City Dania Beach, FL, United States (near Fort Lauderdale)

E Sheridan Street
Dania Beach, FL

Open 8 April 1967 - 1975

Pirates World was a pirate-themed amusement park.

Apr 20 1973

Alice Cooper at Pirates World, Dania Beach, FL, USA

  1. Hello Hooray
  2. Billion Dollar Babies
  3. Elected
  4. I'm Eighteen
  5. Raped and Freezin'
  6. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  7. My Stars
  8. Unfinished Sweet
  9. Night on Bald Mountain
  10. Sick Things
  11. Dead Babies
  12. I Love the Dead
  13. ...

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