Private Venue Austin Concert Setlists

City Austin, TX, United States
Apr 14 2021

James McMurtry at Private Venue, Austin, TX, USA

  1. Lobo Town
  2. Freeway View
  3. Fire Line Road
  4. Where'd You Hide the Body
  5. Choctaw Bingo
  6. Levelland
  7. Ruby and Carlos
  8. Deaver's Crossing
  9. Down Across the Delaware
  10. State of the Union
  11. Where's Johnny
Apr 13 2021

Lex Land at Private Venue, Austin, TX, USA

  1. Ma Belle Evangeline
  2. Little Black Rain Cloud
  3. Happy Days Are Here Again
  4. Colors of the Wind
  5. Forget Her
  6. If You Feel Like Singing, Sing
  7. Mein Herr
  8. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  9. It's Such a Good Feeling
  10. Real Fun
  11. Crazy He Calls Me
  12. On the Street Where You Live
  13. ...

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