Queen Elizabeth Theatre Toronto Concert Setlists

City Toronto, ON, Canada

190 Princes' Blvd
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

Also known as Queen Elizabeth Theater
Feb 16 2020

Tove Lo at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada

  1. Gritty Pretty
  2. Glad He's Gone
  3. Bad as the Boys
  4. Cool Girl
  5. Shifted
  6. Influence
  7. Are U gonna tell her?
  8. Jacques
  9. Talking Body
  10. Really Don't Like U
  11. Disco Tits
  12. Not on Drugs
  13. ...
Feb 8 2020

Rufus Wainwright at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada

  1. Complainte pour Ste. Catherine
  2. Southern Boys
  3. Tell My Sister
  4. On My Way to Town
  5. The Log-Driver's Waltz
  6. All The Way to San Francisco
  7. Ce matin
  8. I Am a Diamond
  9. Hommage à Grungie
  10. Jesus Lifeline
  11. I Eat Dinner
  12. Kiss and Say Goodbye
  13. ...

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