Queen Margaret Union Glasgow Concert Setlists

City Glasgow, Scotland

22 University Gardens
Glasgow G12 8QN, UK


This is one of two students' unions at the University of Glasgow.

Also known as Queen Margaret Hall, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow University, The QMU
Feb 23 2020

DIIV at Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland

  1. Horsehead
  2. Skin Game
  3. Bent (Roi's Song)
  4. Like Before You Were Born
  5. Taker
  6. Oshin (Subsume)
  7. Doused
  8. Healthy Moon
  9. Lorelei
  10. Take Your Time
  11. For the Guilty
  12. Between Tides
  13. ...
Feb 11 2020
Feb 11 2020

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