Queen Margaret Union Glasgow Concert Setlists

City Glasgow, Scotland

22 University Gardens
Glasgow G12 8QN, UK


This is one of two students' unions at the University of Glasgow.

Also known as Queen Margaret Hall, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow University, The QMU
Sep 21 2023

Crawlers at Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland

  1. That Time Of Year Always
  2. Fuck Me (I Didn't Know How to Say)
  3. Feminist Radical Hypocritical Delusional
  4. Too Soon
  5. Would You Come To My Funeral
  6. Hang Me Like Jesus
  7. Golden Bridge
  8. I Can't Drive
  9. I Don't Want It
  10. Meaningless Sex
  11. Come Over (Again)
  12. Messiah
Jul 22 2023

The Wonder Stuff at Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland

  1. Change Every Light Bulb
  2. I Wish Them All Dead
  3. Cabin Fever
  4. Hot Love Now!
  5. Full of Life (Happy Now)
  6. Storm Drain
  7. On the Ropes
  8. Your Big Assed Mother
  9. Swell
  10. A Great Drinker
  11. Hush
  12. Sing the Absurd
  13. ...

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