Rock n' Roll Milan Concert Setlists

City Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Not to be confused with the venue of the same name in Rho. They are different venues.

Also known as Rock'n'Roll Club Milano
Apr 24 2024

Gravery at Rock n' Roll, Milan, Italy

Set Times:
Doors: 9:00 PM
Show: 11:00 PM – 11:30 PM
  1. Smell of Death
  2. Mind Hunter
  3. Hate Is Now the Answer
  4. F Dot U
  5. My Own Graveyard
  6. Hell and Voices
  7. E.T.I.B.M.D
Mar 30 2024

HaddaH at Rock n' Roll, Milan, Italy

Set Times:
Show: 11:15 PM – 12:00 AM
  1. When Rage and Vengeance Desire Blind the Heart of the Mighty Berserker
  2. The War of Wars
  3. Persepolis
  4. Imhotep
  5. Equinox
  6. Apostasy
  7. Witness the Empty Thrones of Space and Time
  8. Fall

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