R's Art Court Tokyo Concert Setlists

City Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

B2 Fl. Rouou Ookubo Kaikan
1-9-10 Ookubo
Japan *

Also known as R'sアートコート, Ro-On Okubo Kaikan, 労音 大久保会館
Oct 23 1992

Cassiber at R's Art Court, Tokyo, Japan

  1. A Screaming Across the Sky
  2. They Have Begun To Move
  3. They Go In Under Archways
  4. Philosophy
  5. Gut
  6. Prisoner Chorus 1
  7. Todo Dia
  8. Come On! Start the Show!
  9. It's Never Quiet
  10. O Cure Me
  11. Our Colourful Culture
  12. Prometheus
  13. ...

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