Saban Theater Beverly Hills Concert Setlists

City Beverly Hills, CA, United States (near Los Angeles)

8440 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Opened 2009

Fox Wilshire Theatre (1930-1981)
Wilshire Theatre Beverly Hills (1981-2009)
Saban Theatre (2009-)

Also known as Saban Theatre
Dec 18 2021

Men at Work at Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

  1. Touching the Untouchables
  2. No Restrictions
  3. Come Tumblin' Down
  4. Can't Take This Town
  5. Down by the Sea
  6. Blue for You
  7. I Can See It in Your Eyes
  8. Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive
  9. Children on Parade
  10. Upstairs in My House
  11. Everything I Need
  12. Catch a Star
  13. ...
Nov 20 2021

Lou Gramm at Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

  1. Feels Like the First Time
  2. Cold as Ice
  3. Double Vision
  4. I Want to Know What Love Is
  5. Midnight Blue
  6. Urgent
  7. Hot Blooded
  8. Dirty White Boy
  9. Juke Box Hero

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