Southgate House Newport Concert Setlists

City Newport, KY, United States

23 E 3rd St,
Newport, KY 41071

Open 1976 - 31 December 2011
Dec 29 2011

The Seedy Seeds at Southgate House, Newport, KY, USA

  1. Intro: The Da-Da Song
  2. Drive Me to the Center
  3. Ethel
  4. On the Subject of Our Past Selves
  5. Nomenclature
  6. Hey Exponent
  7. The Push
  8. Coyote Song
  9. My Roots Go Down
  10. Verb Noun
  11. Count the Days
  12. Telephone the Constrictor
  13. ...
Nov 14 2011

Twin Atlantic at Southgate House, Newport, KY, USA

  1. The Ghost of Eddie
  2. Make a Beast of Myself
  3. Time for You to Stand Up
  4. Yes, I Was Drunk
  5. You're Turning Into John Wayne
  6. Free
  7. Edit Me
Oct 27 2011

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