Subterranean Chicago Concert Setlists

City Chicago, IL, United States

2011 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Also known as Sub T
Sep 4 2019

Astronautalis at Subterranean, Chicago, IL, USA

  1. 1515 Washington
  2. Kudzu
  3. Gaston Ave
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. Mr. Blessington's Imperialist Plot
  6. You Know What It Is!
  7. Running away from God
  8. The Wondersmith and His Sons
  9. Contrails
  10. Kurt Cobain
  11. Sike!
Jul 31 2019

Yellow Days at Subterranean, Chicago, IL, USA

  1. The Way Things Change
  2. A Little While
  3. That Easy
  4. Hurt in Love
  5. Gap In The Clouds
  6. What's It All For
  7. Your Hand Holding Mine
  8. The Tree I Climb
  9. It's Real Love
  10. How Can I Love You
  11. Diamond In The Back
  12. Just When

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