The Cedar Cultural Center Minneapolis Concert Setlists

City Minneapolis, MN, United States (near St. Paul)

416 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Opened 1989

Known as The Cedar Theatre prior to 1989

Also known as The Cedar
May 14 2022

Jens Lekman at The Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  1. The Cherry Trees Are Still in Blossom
  2. I'm Still In Love With You
  3. I've Missed My Humans
  4. Hanging with Jim
  5. A Taste of Cherry
  6. Maple Leaves
  7. The Opposite of Hallelujah
  8. Black Cab
  9. Your Arms Around Me
  10. Pocketful of Money
  11. How We Met, The Long Version
  12. What's That Perfume That You Wear?
  13. ...
Mar 4 2022

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