The Church House Congleton Concert Setlists

City Congleton, England
Jun 7 2014

Milky Wimpshake at The Church House, Congleton, England

  1. Activated
  2. Clicking It
  3. Motormouth
  4. Cherry Pop
  5. I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You
  6. Cheque Card
  7. I Am A Sexual Deviant
  8. Parachute Drop
  9. Bourgeois Blues '99
  10. You're Shaken, I'm Stirred
  11. Young Blood
  12. ...
Jun 2 2012

Pocketbooks at The Church House, Congleton, England

  1. Falling Leaves
  2. I'm Not Going Out
  3. Harbour Lights
  4. Sparklers
  5. Camera Angles
  6. Every Good Time We Ever Had
  7. Promises, Promises
  8. Five Day Forecast
  9. Fleeting Moments
  10. Sound Of The Carnival

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