The Crofoot Pontiac Concert Setlists

City Pontiac, MI, United States (near Detroit)

1 South Saginaw Street
Pontiac, MI 48342

Also known as Crofoot Ballroom Detroit
Oct 25 2017

Wolf Parade at The Crofoot, Pontiac, MI, USA

  1. Lazarus Online
  2. Modern World
  3. You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
  4. Fancy Claps
  5. You're Dreaming
  6. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
  7. Artificial Life
  8. What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)
  9. Language City
  10. Baby Blue
  11. Flies on the Sun
  12. Grounds for Divorce
  13. ...
Sep 28 2017

Between the Buried and Me at The Crofoot, Pontiac, MI, USA

  1. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack
  2. (B) The Decade of Statues
  3. Informal Gluttony
  4. Sun of Nothing
  5. Ants of the Sky
  6. Prequel to the Sequel
  7. Viridian
  8. White Walls
  9. Mordecai
Sep 10 2017

Overkill at The Crofoot, Pontiac, MI, USA

  1. Mean, Green, Killing Machine
  2. Rotten to the Core
  3. Electric Rattlesnake
  4. Hello From the Gutter
  5. In Union We Stand
  6. Goddamn Trouble
  7. Wrecking Crew
  8. I Hate
  9. Shine On
  10. Electro-Violence
  11. Ironbound
  12. Thanx for Nothin'
  13. ...

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