The Domain Sydney Concert Setlists

City Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

St Marys Rd
Sydney NSW 2000


The Domain is a 34-hectare (84-acre) area of open space located on the eastern fringe of the Sydney central business district.

Mar 16 2024

Fred again.. at The Domain, Sydney, Australia

  1. Tate (how i feel)
  2. Daydream Repeat
  3. Opal
  4. stayinit
  5. Baby again..
  6. Danielle (smile on my face)
  7. Rumble
  8. When I Look At You
  9. flight fm / Flex Up
  10. Return of the Mac
  11. Angie (i've been lost) / Clara (the night is dark)
  12. Baxter (these are my friends) / Weak Become Heroes /
  13. ...

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