The Louisiana Bristol Concert Setlists

City Bristol, England

Wapping Rd, Bathurst Terrace
Bristol BS1 6UA
United Kingdom

Opened November 1987

Capacity 140. The Louisiana used to be The Bathurst Hotel, which was built around 1805. It's been a home to music for over 100 years, and the current owner have run it as a music venue for 30 years (as at 2017).

Also known as Louisianna
May 29 2024

Indoor Pets at The Louisiana, Bristol, England

  1. Mean Heart
  2. Hi
  3. Fidget Panic Restless Static
  4. All My Friends
  5. Dopamine Girls
  6. Pathetic Apathetic
  7. Recklessly
  8. Sadness Is a Phase
  9. Stink Eye (My Joy Is Irrational)
  10. Teriyaki
  11. Barbiturates
  12. Pro Procrastinator
  13. ...

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