The Old Angel Inn Nottingham Concert Setlists

City Nottingham, England

7 Stoney Street, The Lace Market
Nottingham, NG1 1LG

Closed 2016

Became The Angel Microbrewery in 2016.

Nov 7 2015

Brash Bullets at The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham, England

  1. Glue Your Mouth Shut
  2. Whisky Bitch
  3. Indoctrinated
  4. All Rights Reserved
  5. If You're Alive Girl
  6. Soldier On
  7. One Six Zero Seven One Four
  8. Na Na See Ya
  9. I Wanna Be A Crocodile
  10. "A" Bomb in Wardour Street
  11. I Wanna Buy Her Love
  12. Be Yourself
  13. ...
May 4 2014

Hung Like Hanratty at The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham, England

  1. Scrap Metal
  2. Cardinal Kid Fucker
  3. Human Pig
  4. Danny Is A Tranny
  5. Clean Up Your Dog Shit
  6. The Ghost Of Jimmy Saville
  7. Overdose And Die
  8. No Deal
  9. Gordon The Traffic Warden
  10. Devil Went Down To Wetherspoons
  11. There's Nowhere To Park
  12. Don't Have A Safe Journey Home
  13. ...
Feb 28 2014

The Vibrators at The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham, England

  1. Have Love, Will Travel
  2. Disco in Moscow
  3. Kid's a Mess
  4. Long Beach Police
  5. Birdland Is Closed
  6. Troops of Tomorrow
  7. Amphetamine Blue
  8. Automatic Lover
  9. Pure Mania
  10. Judy Says (Knock You in the Head)
  11. I Need a Slave
  12. Bad Time
  13. ...

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