The Olympic Boise Concert Setlists

City Boise, ID, United States

1009 W Main St
Boise, ID 83702

Also known as The Olympic Venue
Feb 18 2020

Mike and The Moonpies at The Olympic, Boise, ID, USA

  1. Road Crew
  2. Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
  3. Mockingbird
  4. Damn Strait
  5. Miss Fortune
  6. The Last Time
  7. Country Music's Dead
  8. Getting High at Home
  9. Steak Night at the Prairie Rose
  10. El Camino
  11. Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)
  12. Might Be Wrong
  13. ...
Feb 18 2020

The Quaker City Night Hawks at The Olympic, Boise, ID, USA

  1. Good Evening
  2. The Last Ride of Miguel the Scared
  3. Greasy Night
  4. Cold Blues
  5. Rattlesnake Boogie
  6. Suit In The Back
  7. Colorado
  8. Pay to Play
  9. Queso Blanco
  10. Mockingbird
  11. Duendes
  12. Fox in the Hen House

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