The Parish New Orleans Concert Setlists

City New Orleans, LA, United States
Also known as Parrish @ HoB, The Parish at House of Blues
Nov 25 2019

Atheist at The Parish, New Orleans, LA, USA

  1. On They Slay
  2. Unholy War
  3. Second to Sun
  4. Unquestionable Presence
  5. Your Life's Retribution
  6. I Deny
  7. The Formative Years
  8. Mother Man
  9. Piece of Time
Nov 25 2019

Cattle Decapitation at The Parish, New Orleans, LA, USA

  1. Anthropogenic: End Transmission
  2. The Geocide
  3. A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
  4. The Prophets of Loss
  5. The Great Dying, Pt 1
  6. One Day Closer to the End of the World
  7. Not Suitable for Life
  8. Forced Gender Reassignment
  9. The Great Dying, Pt 2
  10. Bring Back the Plague
  11. Mammals in Babylon
  12. Plagueborne
  13. ...

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