The Plaza Theatre Orlando Concert Setlists

City Orlando, FL, United States

425 North Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

Also known as The Plaza Live Theater
Feb 11 2018

Sons of Apollo at The Plaza Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA

  1. Intruder
  2. God of the Sun
  3. Signs of the Time
  4. Figaro's Whore
  5. Divine Addiction
  6. Just Let Me Breathe
  7. Labyrinth
  8. Bass Solo
  9. Lost in Oblivion
  10. The Prophet's Song / Save Me
  11. Alive
  12. The Pink Panther Theme
  13. ...
Feb 9 2018

Marillion at The Plaza Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA

  1. All Over the World
  2. El Dorado: I. Long-Shadowed Sun
  3. El Dorado: II. The Gold
  4. El Dorado: III. Demolished Lives
  5. El Dorado: IV. F E A R
  6. El Dorado: V. The Grandchildren of Apes
  7. Easter
  8. You're Gone
  9. Seasons End
  10. Sugar Mice
  11. The Leavers: I. Wake Up in Music
  12. The Leavers: II. The Remainers
  13. ...
Feb 9 2018

John Wesley at The Plaza Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA

  1. A Way You'll Never Be
  2. Mary Will
  3. Going to California
  4. By the Light of a Sun
  5. Time
  6. Breathe Reprise
  7. Once A Warrior
  8. The Silence in Coffee
  9. Blackest Eyes

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