The Spa Pavilion Whitby Concert Setlists

City Whitby, England
Apr 22 2017

Magic Eight Ball at The Spa Pavilion, Whitby, England

  1. Falling In Love's Like a Vampire
  2. It's Not For Me to Say
  3. Once Again
  4. Losing My Faith in Human Nature
  5. Eyes of a Fool
  6. Something Better Has Come Along
  7. Keep Me Out of the Sunlight (Stripped Intro)
  8. Russian Ballet
Nov 5 2016

The Mission at The Spa Pavilion, Whitby, England

  1. Beyond the Pale
  2. Serpent's Kiss
  3. Over the Hills and Far Away
  4. Tyranny of Secrets
  5. Naked and Savage
  6. Garden of Delight
  7. Only You & You Alone
  8. Severina
  9. Like a Child Again
  10. Met-Amor-Phosis
  11. Tower of Strength
  12. ...
Oct 28 2016

My Dying Bride at The Spa Pavilion, Whitby, England

  1. Your River
  2. From Darkest Skies
  3. Feel the Misery
  4. Like a Perpetual Funeral
  5. My Body, a Funeral
  6. To Shiver in Empty Halls
  7. The Cry of Mankind

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