The Turning Point Piermont Concert Setlists

City Piermont, NY, United States

468 Piermont Ave.
Piermont, NY 10968

Opened 1981
May 7 2022

Graham Parker at The Turning Point, Piermont, NY, USA

  1. That's What They All Say
  2. Stop Cryin' About the Rain
  3. Temporary Beauty
  4. Socks 'n' Sandals
  5. First Day of Spring
  6. Snowgun
  7. Turned Up Too Late
  8. Girl in Need
  9. 3D Printer For Another You
  10. The New York Shuffle
  11. You Hit the Spot
  12. I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again
  13. ...
Aug 28 2021

James Maddock at The Turning Point, Piermont, NY, USA

  1. Williamsburg Bridge
  2. Fucked Up World
  3. Man on Fire
  4. Stella's Driving
  5. I Can't Settle
  6. Prairie Grave
  7. My Old Neighborhood
  8. Cry Jesus
  9. Pride of Ashby de la Zouch
  10. The Room at the Top of the Stairs
  11. Waiting on my Girl
  12. If I Had a Son
  13. ...

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