The Windmill Brixton London Concert Setlists

City London, England
Aug 19 2017

Ming City Rockers at The Windmill Brixton, London, England

  1. Chic and the Motherfuckers
  2. Sell Me A Lemon
  3. Man On A Clapham Omnibus
  4. I Wanna Get Out of Here but I Can't Take You Anywhere
  5. I Don't Like You
  6. You're Always Trying Too Hard
  7. Death Trap
  8. I'm Not The One
  9. Christine
  10. All I Wanna Do Is Waste My Time With You
  11. She's a Wrong'un
Jun 14 2017

Goat Girl at The Windmill Brixton, London, England

  1. Circus
  2. Creep
  3. Scum
  4. Burn The Stake
  5. No Heart
  6. Cracker Drool
  7. Mighty Despair
  8. Crow Cries
  9. Slowly Reclines
  10. The Man
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Country Sleaze

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