The Zoo Brisbane Concert Setlists

City Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

711 Ann St
Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006

Opened 11 December 1992

Full gigography since 1994 can be found on their website

One of the longest running venues in Australia. Housed in part of The Shannon’s building, built in 1924. Critical venue in the rise of popular Queensland artists such as Powderfinger, Regurgitator and many more.

Originally founded by Joc Curran & C. Smith in 1992 and run by Joc through until 2016. The venue survived attempts by council to close the venue in 1996. Those involved in the prevention of this became known as The Zoo Army, a term still used in the venue, local community and artists.

In June 2016 Pixie Weyand took over the venue, renovated it and continued to uphold The Zoo as the same venue in name and spirit.

Capacity - Approx 450 - 500

Also known as Fortitude Valley

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