TivoliVredenburg Hertz Utrecht Concert Setlists

City Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Vredenburgkade 11
3511 WC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Opened 1 April 2014

TivoliVredenburg officially opened on June 21, 2014. Try outs and other pre-shows were held since April the same year.

Hertz is a broad, semicircular room with only seats. The distance between visitors and artists is small at any place in the room. Even from the two balconies, a seat offers an unobstructed view of the stage. The complete wooden interior and the comfortable seats further contribute to the warm and friendly atmosphere.

The room was designed by Patrick Fransen and was put into use for the first time at the opening of TivoliVredenburg in 2014. The name Hertz is an ode to the designer of the building, Herman Hertzberger. In addition, the name also refers to the unit of the frequency of sound, the number of vibrations per second: the hertz.

Hertz is located on the seventh floor and is located right on a spacious square on the sixth floor, with a bar, toilets and cloakroom nearby.

Mar 9 2020

Tour Update

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