TivoliVredenburg Ronda Utrecht Concert Setlists

City Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Vredenburgkade 11
3511 WC Utrecht

Opened 1 April 2014

TivoliVredenburg officially opened on June 21, 2014. Try outs and other pre-shows were held since April the same year.

Ronda is one of the halls in TivoliVredenburg. It has a capacity of 2,000 people and is located on the second floor, has its own foyer, spread over the first, second and third floor, with various bars and toilets. The cloakroom is located on the first floor.

The room was designed by Jo Coenen and was put into use for the first time at the opening of TivoliVredenburg in 2014. The name Ronda comes from the round shape of the room and the fact that the room hangs like a house in the building; like the houses on the mountain ridge of the Spanish town of Ronda. The bronze walls with their characteristic geometric patterns are inspired by Jali's from Indian architecture.

Aug 13 2021

Thomas Azier at TivoliVredenburg Ronda, Utrecht, Netherlands

  1. Faces
  2. Skin & Blister
  3. What Does it Mean to be Free
  4. For Tsoy
  5. Strange Day on the Train
  6. Slow Revolution
  7. Pelechian
  8. Talk to Me
  9. Blue Eyed Baby
  10. Donder
  11. Red Eyes
  12. Entertainment
  13. ...
Jun 29 2021

De Ambassade at TivoliVredenburg Ronda, Utrecht, Netherlands

  1. Niet van mij
  2. Wat voel je nou
  3. Zo hoog als de bogen
  4. Standhouden
  5. Wapengekletter
  6. Malefica
  7. Duistre kamers
  8. Verloren
  9. Laatste uur
  10. Geen genade
  11. Verwijder jezelf

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